Angry Birds
It is cheap(0.99 cents)
It is very addicting, once you start you can't stop
A lot of levels/updates
A very good plot and theme
Lots of achievements
You can always come back to it
Many different types of birds which makes the game unique and different to others
Sometimes it freezes (for iTouches/iPads)
It can be slow at times for certain devices
You can easily get frusurated and give up
Can slow down your iTouch

Angry Birds is a great game for any one. This game is different to anyother. You can play for hours and almost never get bored. It being 99 cents makes it a great deal for any one. You can get this game free on android phones. Angry Birds has came out with another edition such as Angry Bird Seasons or Angry Birds Rio edition. In my point of view Angry birds is the best app for iTouches.

Plot: The evil green pigs have stolen the birds eggs. The birds go on a rescue mission through challenging surrounding to get the eggs back. Each bird has a special ability that will help you beat more levels and rescue the eggs from the pigs.

Five out of Five Stars!!!!!!!!

this game is a adventure game