Angry Birds

It is cheap(0.99 cents)
It is very addicting, once you start you can't stop
Alot of levels/updates
A very good plot and theme
Lots of achievements
You can always come back to it
Sometimes it freezes
It can be slow at times
You can easily get frusurated and give up
Almost too addicting
Can slow down your iTouch

Angry Birds is a great game for any one. The plot makes it fun and easy to follow. The levels will want you to keep playing and playing. It is only .99 cents for a whole lot of fun. I would personally request this game to anyone of any age. It rarely freezes and you can easily get frusturating. It will test your brain a little trying to figure out how to beat the level. Overall I personally think this is the most addicting game on the iTouch and the funnest.

Five out of Five Stars!!!!!!!!
this game is a adventure app
we catagorize this game as strategy.