Temple Run is a great game and you can get it at the App store for free. It's fun to play and although it may be very addictive, it gets you better with your hand-eye coordination. If you aren't paying attention for one second, you could die. The graphics are great aong with the sounds. The different obstacles you have to get over are very interesting and wonderfully designed. It's got a lot of difficulties but that makes the game more fun. Once you get the hang of it, you can master it. And yes, you CAN get all of this for free. So buy it now while it's free and master your skills in Temple Run.

Solitare by Mobility Ware is a very entertaining game. You have to think while having fun. I also compared that one to Solitare by Klondike. I prefered this one because the pictures/sounds were very realistic, and I'm not very good at this game, and the hint button is easier to press on this one ^_^ It's very fun and at the same time difficult. You can buy it or get it for free.

Cut the Rope (the original one) is by far one of my favortie games. It is time consuming, yet another game that makes you think. The concept is to get the piece of candy to this little lizard like creature and avoid the obstacles. You can float in a bubble, then pop it. You can get broken by these spikey wires, you can attach onto new ropes, you can even get eaten by a spider. If you get break/lose the candy, you must start the level over. You have to plan out which ropes you are going to cut to avoid the bad things to get the lizard its treat. It's fun and this version is free.

Doodle Fit I did not enjoy very much. But again, it's a thinking game. The concept is to make a square/rectangle/some sort of shape out of all these different shapes. The trick is, you have you use all the shapes. There are no hints or anything, which is why I didn't really enjoy it. But it was sort of fun and time consuming.