Game -
Cover Orange

Link -
Pros -
it's fun
good objective
has instructions on how to play the game
Cons -
Could have had better graphics
Some levels are too easy
annoying music
cost money for the ipod version ($0.99)

Summary -
Cover Orange is a game for all ages. The objective of the game is to get the oranges to safety before they get hit by the cloud bullets. You have a variety of objects you can use that help you cover the orange such as wheels and boxes. At times it can be challenging, and other times it can be very easy. The game is available online, and on ipod touches and ipads.
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Pictures -
cover_orange_1.JPG cover_orange_2.JPG
This is when the cloud comeas and tries to hit the orange. This when i was dropping one of the objects to help protect
the orange.