Fieldrunners - Review
By Andrew and Tyler
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It is a tower defense game. You build towers to destroy and redirect the fieldrunners so they do not infiltrate your base. This game is for iPhone/iPod/iPad and for Google Android devices. Total: 9/10
The graphics are great for a mobile game, but they are not the best, 7.5/10
The game only has a few sounds, they are OK. It's almost better to turn off the sound. 6/10
Game play
It is really fun to pass time and it requires lots of strategy. Be careful if you put it on fast forward because they move faster than you can build. 10/10
Value/replay value
This game is fun because you can unlock new towers, worlds and levels. You can replay all the levels you unlock. 9/10
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Overall, it is a great game and a fun time passer.