Plants vs. Zombies review By kyle and zach

Story: save yourself from the zombie apocalypse using your army of plants. The storyline is exiting and keeps you interested by constantly giving you new plants, zombies and game modes. It fallows the storyline very well and changes it enough to keeps you entertainedGame play: The controls are easy to use, but the controls need to be less touchy on the iPod touch version of the gameGraphics: The graphics are acceptable, not to good, but amazing graphics are not needed for this type of this game.

Audio: The sounds are good, but there is nothing special or creative about them.Pro’s/Con’s:

Pros: Very addicting

Cons: Not the best graphics or sound.
Overall: A good game for its type definitely deserves its spot in the app store hall of fame.

Type: arcade

Your Score: overall, we give it a 9/10